les Enfants Terribles

‘Razor sharp theatre group Les Enfants Terribles’ (THE TELEGRAPH) is one of the most innovative and exciting theatre companies working today. Their work includes award-winning, international stage shows such as The Trench, The Terrible Infants and The Vaudevillians. Groundbreaking immersive work including Olivier-nominated Alice’s Adventures Underground, Dinner at the Twits, The Game’s Afoot and Inside Pussy Riot.


Innovative outdoor family touring work such as The Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie and The Fantastical Flying Exploratory Laboratory and large-scale public events and installations in the corporate and cultural sectors for the likes of The British Library, the V&A, Stella Artois and Toyota among many others.  Run by Oliver Lansley and James Seager the company is dedicated to creating original, innovative and exciting theatre. Known for their striking visual aesthetic and innovative use of props, puppetry and live music they are constantly pushing themselves to explore new ways of telling stories and immersing audiences in the weird and wonderful worlds created by their shows.