Dennis  is  terrified  of  flies.  Olivier  Award  nominated  Les  Enfants  Terribles  and  Pins  &  Needles  present  an  absurdist comic tale  that  will  leave  your  skin  crawling  with  fear  and  mind  buzzing  with  excitement.  Featuring  original  music  mixed  live  on  stage

‘I took a sh*t on your food, then I vomited on it and then I stamped around in it with my little sticky feet. And all because I don’t like you.’


Some people are frightened of small spaces…

Some people are frightened of sharks…

Dennis is terrified of flies.


In a kill-or-be-killed fight for sanity, one man is determined to conquer his phobia of flies, but as darkness falls, what is that ominous hum behind the door?

Featuring live music mixed on stage and journeying from the fantastical dreamscape of the Antarctic tundra to the cabin of an aeroplane, from the confines of a small apartment to the terror of a dentist’s chair and the comfort of a therapist’s couch, Flies tells the skin-crawling mind-buzzing tale of a man teetering on the edge of reality and fantasy, a man on a rollercoaster mission to free himself from fear.


Olivier Award nominated Les Enfants Terribles (Alice’s Adventures Underground) and Pins & Needles (Mr Popper’s Penguins) present an absurdist tale that will leave your skin crawling with fear and mind buzzing with excitement.